all that signified me...

January 2013

Performed as part of THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON: Vol. 3
"A revolution is a change of mind"
Proudly curated by THEATREclub & Project Arts Centre

Let it all go, out into the world. To be used, valued. Let it all go, enough for everyone, without waste. Gifting what I can't bare to lose, with the message 'Wishing you LOVE & ABUNDANCE & JOY'. Learning to wish that for myself too. Letting it all go, I was aiming for a different life then, I have the right to change how I live. We all do.

all that signified me... is a performative reflection of Project Downsize, a process through which I gave away everything I owned, holding only what I need to live. What do I need to live, HERE & NOW?

Photograph by Naomi Goodman

Photograph by Naomi Goodman

The John Murray Show:
Interview with Kathryn Thomas: Monday, 11th February 2013

Thursday, 24th Janaury 2013:
"...Female performativity aside, other performances drew on the economic realities of today. 86,146 mortgages are in arrears according to Veronica Dyas's all that signified me(pictured top). Dyas, despite being caught in that gruesome figure herself, is still optimistic, and has even downsized her worldly possessions to a few items that are included in her performance. What follows is a moving declaration of what the performer is grateful for, chiefly the loving people she has encountered. Dyas sees theatre as ritual, and, as with 2011 masterpiece In My Bed, recognises the ceremony in the form. At performance's end we find ourselves dancing, for ourselves, for the 86,146, across a pattern of bothersome bank letters, and our survival feels all that closer."

This project was partly developed at MAKE, an artist residency run by Cork Midsummer Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival, Project Arts Centre and Theatre Forum.

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