How Do I Process This and How Do I Share That Process After?

"How do I process this and how do I share that process after?"
This was the question asked of me in our first group session by MAKE mentor Richard Gregory, which was both insightful and pertinant and pushed me towards a new thinking process about this project in the long term.

Test out variety of means of using, styles of recording: clinical, notes, words, links, writing thoughts, constructing the poetic.
Link to youtube page when some footage is ready.

Documenting the Process from HERE & NOW: 
Recorded some footage at Annaghmakerrig MAKE 2012, with Stephen Dodd on the Friday about how I process this and how I then share it after.  Began a documentary, in case that is how I choose to share this process.
Use the Blog daily to update my thoughts/intentions and try different formats of articulating them.
Use still camera (disposable) for the 'Will You Sleep Rough With Me?' Phase
Use sound recording equipment to record the nights out in the 'Will You Sleep Rough With Me?' Phase, conversations and noise.

Documentary Notes: 
Recorded some footage of me talking about the project at Annaghmakerrig MAKE 2012; Stephen Dodd filmed my sharing on Sunday and the feedback & comments of the group.
Record feedback from those people who argree to participate in the 'Will You Sleep Rough With Me?' Phase.
Record response from those on the Standby List each noght and how they felt.
Record every Performance.

Walk from Santiago to Finnisterre, a new camino, after Phase 3 of this project. Alone?
Keep in touch with Richard re doubts, issues, fears, constructing a performance...
Keep asking the dramaturgical question "Is this Bullshit?" as a way to develop this work.
Keep talking to people and take the help that's offered.
Be rigorous in my approach.
Mull on Phase 4 and assess the need and benefits of such a space.