Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mapping the HERE & NOW...Interconnectedness

Mapping my HERE & NOW while sitting at a coffee shop thinking about all the things going on in my life right at that moment in time.  Not the constant running list of tasks to be ticked off but the mapping of what/who/where/when/how I'm connected to people places and things in The Universe right in the moment.  And it's vast and ultimately unwritable, but the mapping helps to locate myself in a broader context, helps me to qualify to myself where I am HERE and NOW, in this moment, in this microcosm of forever and ever. In the style of my uncle teaching me about Tony Buzan when I was starting college, except mapping my here and now is less linear or clear and becomes a vast mess of feelings, practicals, work, life, people, events... It's an interesting exercise to do regularly, to ground myself in the here and now moment and realise everything I am connected to in this exact moment, it feels overwhelming and amazing to map the connections across the The Universe.

Then, in another form, to take paper and felt pens and attempt to outline and through this begin to shape the research I am undertaking in this project.  To try to categorize in some way the areas I'm investigating.  By mapping out these areas I can try to find resonance betwixt and between them, to prioritize the content and begin to make decisions about what I need to delve into more, what links with what, what will never link in any obvious practical way but resonates on the visceral liminal level, and that's what I'm most interested in finding, most interested in discovering...



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The Love is the answer to all the questions...



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