Monday, February 10, 2014

The only change right now is total/The only way is to begin again

29th January 2014:

It is happening,
as it should unfold
it seems
it seems
but harder still to trust that
all of this can be the true path
the right path
for those walking
this land
in this time
looking out
into a world
not of our choosing
but it must be
else it wouldn’t be so
sometimes we chose without consciousness
drowsy from the fight
fighting the good fight
drains the soul
and leaves the spring of hope
a little off
a little off
a little sour
for want of a better way
can overwhelm
can overwhelm
and I don’t see then the infinite
the scale of where we are situated
in this vast Universe unfolding
in this vast Universe in constant
flux and movement
Without need for money
Without need for rights
Without need
Without need
in Abundance
It continues
On and on
Vast Infinite
We are part of that
It is part of us
We continue
In it
With it
Through it
We throw the baby out with the bath water too much now
I think
We let the errors overshadow everything
We are letting the errors embed
As fact
As social systems
As Truths
We are forgetting to begin again
Start from zero
Trace it back to the beginning
And change
The inevitable
Which it never was
It never was
Conditionment & constructions
Are all we exist in
But this is not the Truths
Their foundations are in human error
Without judgement I say
These errors were made in good faith
Within the limitations of what we knew then
What we could then comprehend
We know better now
We know better now
And therefore, we are responsible
I am responsible
Not to correct the errors
Not to manipulate what is here already
But to trace it back
The Love is the answer to all the questions
I believe
And if I start from a place of Love
If I
If I can start from a place of Love
Then the errors don’t exist
They don’t matter
They are no longer real
Trace it back
The Love is the answer to all the questions
Begin at the beginning
The only change right now is total
The only way is to begin again
At the beginning
How do I let go?
How do I change?
While bearing in mind that there are no absolutes
We have the capacity to hold all of that in mind
Hold that space
Let go of this one
If this is all a dream
If this is
Then we can change it
We can change it with a thought
Shift the consciousness
Shift it
Perhaps it is that simple

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