Saturday, March 24, 2012

Notes on the process today

 The knowing
Money impedes my soul.                                    It's Perfect

TRUST                                                              This is it
Nothing is Permanent                                   
Wandering                                                          SO BE IT.
'Walking the World'
Wider Perspective                                              There are no Absolutes
tuning in to 'The Natural'
Leaving Backwards                                            HOLD YOUR NERVE
Its Perfect
                                                                         Our Authentic Selves

'Let it all wash over you'
'All that played on my mind, not me own troubles, other peoples.  Played on me mind and that's what happened to me.'

"There should be no end only new beginnings" - Ruth Little
"...but we are all on the edge of someone elses world and in the centre of our own" - Ruth Little

"To find out about a process go to its edge, the place where definition begins and take that as your centre.  It might be a physical or a social place but in it's broader understanding it's a border, a place of convergence and many stories, a place of difficulty and becoming where skills are learned." - Ruth Little

"20th February, 2012

Can you bear witness to me?  Just for a while, a little while even?  You might not be able to bear it for long, witness I mean.  Have you done it before?  Is it a role you’ve become familiar with or is it something you’ve learned to avoid like looking in the mirror for too long?

Can you bear witness with me?  Just for a while, a little while even?  Is it something we can do together or do we have to do it separately as individuals, each inside our own psyche looking out through our own tormented eyes, alone, apart from, removed.

Can you bear witness for me? Just for a while, a little while even?  Can you do it for me while I can’t do it for myself, if I ever can.  Can you hold your gaze fixed on me when I can’t bear to do it myself, when I can’t even contemplate doing it myself, when I don’t even know what it is to do it.

Can you bear witness?  Just for a while, a little while even?  Can you?  Are you willing to try to go to that place and preserve a sense of reality while I’m flailing feels like failing but it isn’t.  Can you?  Will you try?  That’s all I can really ask of you.
Try. J’essay."

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