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- easy moralism is a problem
- we don't yet see the new contours
- can we step out of the system, can we imagine a society not organized by the State?

"...where you see ideals, I see what is human, alas, all too human."
...a loosening up of moral certainties, intellectual certainties... - Translator
Will Self: "a guide that you should not think like him, but a guide that you should think for yourself"
...be the moral guide post-God era
Schopenhauer - art is the only relief from the pain of living, particularly music
Wagner - opera 'The Ring'

'The Will to Power'
'The Will to Self'
- self mastery, knowledge, physiology, psychology
institutionalizing of this knowledge in psychotherapy
Christianity banished the body from human society
'Human, All too Human'
Individualism - think for oneself

"Forgive yourself your own self"

Sending himself out into the wilderness
"Self Mastery" "Turning this muck into Gold"

'The parable of the mad man'

"Behold I am weary of my wisdom (...) I need arms outstretched to receive it"
'The Overman'

"The peak and the abyss are now one (...) loneliness I must feel..."

"We are deprived of strength when we feel pity"

The overman - the mountains - going up into the mountains, the ice, over-man, getting over yourself, letting go of all that happened, disappointments, expectations, goals not reached, letting it all go, getting over it.

"... every gesture we made was a commitment"
search for the meaning of freedom
- freedom, action, despair
- you are in charge of your own life
- you are allowed to build it how you want

He refuses everything
message of hope

[books about books]

you are responsible for the time you are living in...

- Simone de Beauvoir -

phenomenology - philosophy of the workings of the human consciousness - Edmund Husserl - conscious, relate to an item in the world, not as an idea in your mind
- who you are is a function of what you do -
the contingency of existence
"Nausea" - no reason for existing

[Use of stories: Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus] - complicated philosophical ideas into story narratives
 - the key to existence: the absolute or the absurd
"Being and Nothingness" (inspired by Heidegger's 'What is Metaphysics' lecture)
"...philosophy and life have really become one"
"The Flies" - play "No Exit" - Hell is other people

Always a choice, no matter how small. Always a choice

"You are already involved, even if you don't think you are"

"Become aware of the significance of your situation"

'He owned nothing...he even threw away all his books one day'
Juliette Greco - wrote lyrics for her
"I am my liberty"

["the answer my friend is blowin' in the wind"]

[the problem of the pedestal, putting one person up as leader, rather than keeping the responsibility, onus of each of us to decide/understand for ourselves. Asking not 'what does Sartre think?' but what do I think?]

A total revolution of what is
To be: total awareness: 'be aware of the trees, the blue sky through the trees...'

[the white pigeons living in my garden, on my windowsill]
"the mind is extraordinarily alert then."
"hearing many words is not listening...when we hear we either accept or reject or we translate into our knowledge...or we compare...all these."
"listen...there is no comparison or rejecting
the quality of listening is attention
And when you attend totally...there is the art of listening, and that art of listening puts away anything that is not true, when you give your whole attention...you listen to the totality of living"
'Actually what is, not what we ant to be, what we think we are'
'If we look at actually what is that will bring about a tremendous transformation'
'I suffer - physically and psychologically - Physically I can do something ... not knowing what to do  I escape...
Can I look at it without any demand to overcome it, to justify, to, just to observe it.
'We suffer, can we look at it, observe it, be quiet with it, not accepting it, just being quiet with it. Great meditation.."
"No Please, Do It!"
'A great energy derives - it is there!'
World problem not a national problem
First one has to be free of it oneself then get up and talk!
If every human being wants to solve this problem he will get up and do it!
Like war, we have accepted war as a way of living

Transformation of the mind - a way of living differently
Is to understand what is

'If we go after bred and butter we get lost in the superficial, if we go beyond bread and butter first then this problem does not arise I think'

With the children:
"what do you want to talk about?"

Concentrate - focusing your thought your energy on something
is it not difficult to concentrate without thoughts coming in?
try to push them away  thoughts come in- you're not concentrating
first see what is happening
why do thoughts come in?
you try to suppress thoughts
when you suppress? They come back - futile to suppress

'lets both of us look at the lizard'
not forcing you to look at the book
your interest is in the lizard not in the book
lets both of us look very very carefully
First of all, I have no distractions
what is important is that you watch, pay attention, listen.
"If you love something there is no need to concentrate"
- meditation also means measurement
- meditation is free of measurement
- meditation can only take place when there is no effect, no concentration

"I asked you what you would like to talk about, now I would like to talk about something"

-Human beings have a hidden capacity, a talent, conditioned by family, society, your own talent is destroyed by this pressure
Corruption is selfishness


no images of yourself
if you are insecure be insecure and find out what it means, physically inside etc.  Then ask what is security, insecure physically, economically, in public opinion, relationships, find out!

when you learn where is that insecurity, then you are secure, when you find out for yourself where you are insecure, the moment you know and have learned a great deal about it, then you are out of it.

Begin rightly, at the beginning

Fear, what is fear?
Thinking brings fear, what is thinking?
never did rid of anything because then it comes back
As long as you are thinking about the future then there is fear
use your brain to find out. what is thinking, imagination, what you've seen you record and then think, our brain is recording 
Two kinds 
- necessary to drive, learn 
-  I want, I need - selfish - our brains they become limited small
Memory is part of thinking. Memory is dead gone

Find out what Truth is!
Truth - you can't describe it
Beauty is Truth

'will you sit quietly for a minute?'

- Is meditation the understanding of the problem of living?

until a human being becomes a light to herself 
- if one is relying on someone else then one is living in a perpetual state of anxiety
why in ones life is there such chaos, why is there such disorder enquiring why not seeking order...

'You can't solve the problem on any level except totally'

Brian Cox:
Gravity - Saturn's Rings - subtle power of gravity and the impact gravity has on the rings of Saturn

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