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Notes & 'The Evidence Locker' - Jill Magid (2004)

Saturday, 5th May 2012

                        Protest & Art?                                                  ADDLED.
Guidelines -      - I’m not pretending to be homeless
                        - I’m always myself
- If I blog about a meeting with someone, I send it to then before I publish it.
Trying to clarify my intentions
                        what am I doing?

a song for reading…

emptying the house
of excess stuff.  Letting go                                 Listening to the soul of the world…

We MUST FIND ANOTHER WAY is the point.

Practice staying in the love
being back in the love
            although it continues changeable

                                                                        I’m waiting on the moon to appear
                                                                        It’s 7.32pm & still
                                                                        bright. what’ll it
                                                                        be like in September?

            “Associative memory”

                                                Today I remembered that I
                                                walked over a mountain
                                                and thought if I did it once,
                                                I can do it again
Moments of panic
                                    My house donativo.

                                                physical fitness  readiness
                                    Feet & sore knee          tonic

The Evidence Locker – Jill Magid (2004) Liverpool

A friend of mine suggested I take a look at this project and it also came up in conversation in Annaghmakerrig with Florian.  When I went looking on the website, the artist Jill Magid has created a system where you have to sign up to receive the daily letters that she wrote to City Watch each day.  I signed up to receive them hourly on 15th April 2012, and received 31 letters with access to the daily videos from City Watch.  I went through them all today.  It’s a fascinating project and one that evolves in unexpected ways, I was initially most interested in how the artist was reporting back on her daily activities and how she communicated that through her letters, the various degree of detail of her housing, her walks through the city and her interactions with the watchers, as well as her interactions with people in her life unfolding throughout the project and what she writes about, the personal detail, the awareness of her physicality and her place in the city, and the beautiful poetic lines that intersperse the letters.

Letter 1.           physical appearance + video
2.                     describing small details “mostly tin and gold”
9.40 – 10.12pm
Mystery: [The letter in my back pocket]
5.                     [Record of the city on that day]
                        The relationship between her and him (watching)
                        how close they can get (the cameras and those operating them)
6.                     [Internal – external] Access
                                                                        Goddard & Film Noir – following
                        ‘Le Mèpris’
8.                     -smells.  internal monologue & external journey
                        personal – pregnancy test
9.                     cigarettes  “he carries his own space with him”
10.                   dreams. relationship developing.
11.                   time frames. eating.
12.                   period.
13.                   Blond wig – disguise/character – red coat. visibility
                        hates the wig then.
14.                   Bad day
15.                   “In the room that sees the city”
                        “I relate myself to the city by how you frame me in it” bag robbed
16.                   Map.
18.                   Personal life
19.                   white gloves – costume.  sadness felt
                        film changes style: graveyard
                        fascinating and boring simultaneously
20.                   windows – seeing [bearing witness]
                        “Like watching a movie”
                        she’s beautiful
21.                   acutely aware of her physicality, shadow cast, details picked up by camera “it would be nicer if they were white” – shoes
                        hotel window
22.                   white gloves white shoes red coat
23.                   sleep deprivation
                        “Then, for you, it’s always silent – your city without noise”
                        videos become more collaborative/planned together. ear piece
                        filmic staged [Physicality-movement-obscure?
                                                out of sync?]
24.                   eyes shut, he walks her around the city…
                        her life unfolding and developing throughout the project
                        How do the people in her life feel about it?
                        film: trying to write the letter, camera (he) tries to read it.
                        #2: sound for the first time – weird! His voice only
                        #3: leading her blind
25.                   their relationship unfolding his and hers – the biker code!
26.                   “Every public clock in this city admits a different time”.
                                    “I felt like being alone and I also felt lonely”.
27.                   she gets on with her life, but this is her life too for those
28.                   Her birthday
                                    film: running
29.                   “There I am.
                                                film- static
30.                   “snow changes the city”
                        “At the office on Maryland Street I was asked
                        when my mask will come off.  I don’t think I’m wearing one.”
sad it’s nearly over, the last letter, the last videos…

                        #2 film: like a drama trust exercise, let your partner lead you around the space, while you close your eyes & keep them closed.  no sound this time.
31.                   “This is my epilogue”
                        Bike ride
                        “I felt the calmest, the lightest and the dreamiest I
                        have felt in a long time.”
                        “We talked about bubbles.”
                        film: bike ride!

Last letter #31 but in the Evidence Locker there’s a single space after as if there is one more to receive, I hope so, I looked back to the prologue letter to see if there’s any mention of this.  There isn’t.

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