Thursday, May 24, 2012

Notes on RTE's 'The New Irish-After the Bust'

4th May 2012 Broadcast.
parallels to the Irish who went to London
-desolate buildings-
office blocks
and of the construction boom,

“You don’t have options…
You do whatever you should do.”

2004: 200, 000 foreign workers outside the EU, 10 new countries joined the EU.

1/3 of people sleeping rough in Ireland are non-Irish, 20’s to 40’s age range
migrant workers

Capuchins Brothers providing food, one Brother said he would rather they go back to their own country instead of staying here and draining our Social Welfare resources…

CEO Depaul Ireland – dependent on alcohol, very hard cycle to break.

“Two options on the street drugs or alcohol”

“When your on the streets you lose the self belief”

“We’re left on our bollix”
“The Irish man is left”

2008 – reached a peak

[The Other]


-fewer than 15 of the 50 men housed here are entitled to Social Welfare
2004: ‘Habitual Residency Conditions’ – a test, complicated, aspects: how long? working? paying taxes?

employer had never paid PRSI for the worker

[city looks beautiful]

Simon Rough Sleepers Team, Paul Magee, services being cut

Racism from young people in the background
going back with nothing
cannot go home
Dublin now is their home
accepted and addressed
making the transition from homelessness is challenging

Irish Racism- “foreign fucks, they only come for the dole.”

BARKA: a Polish organization working in London
- Repatriation, 5 people went back
Dorota Magdalena
“Our role is mainly reconnection, so we are helping people to return back home.”


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